I'm Eddie Moon.


If you’re looking for a professional screen-printer with years of experience, you’ve come to the right place. Since 2012, Eddie has been providing t-shirt printing services and consulting to clients across the Los Angeles area and beyond. Whether it's for an event, school, business, or an organization, he loves simplifying the apparel ordering process and meeting the needs of his clients.  


In 2012, Eddie picked up a screen-printing press to print t-shirts for his dance team in his bedroom. As people slowly found out, they began making personal requests and that became the beginning of his screen-printing journey.

Today, Eddie runs a six-figure business as a screen-printer and he wants to teach others how to do it from their homes. He has hand printed over 540,000 shirts for his community and people around the world. 

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In this channel, Eddie shares his successes, failures, and experiences in the screen-printing industry. He also create tutorials and videos of this creative process to help those that are in this business.

This is where Eddie brings his love for art and business together. Specializing in screen-printing and graphic apparel, he hopes to create designs and produce quality products that have purpose. 

Since 2012, Eddie has been directing a dance team that aim to create work that are excellent, beautiful, and true. They continue to push the boundaries of dance in the Christian communities. 

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